Relieve pain from cavities with unnoticeable white fillings

Tooth Fillings in Blackfalds near Red Deer

Roughly 9 out of 10 adults will need at least one tooth filling during their lives. Even if you brush and floss daily, you may experience decay and a cavity may form. We welcome you to visit or call to discuss your symptoms to assess the next steps to take care of your dental health. Cavities can be taken care of quickly and easily and immediate care will prevent the spread of decay. Contact us today with any questions and to arrange a consultation.

You’ll hardly notice our white tooth fillings

We want you to smile confidently and without any pain. If you have a cavity you may be suffering unnecessarily from tooth ache which can easily and quickly be resolved by our professional and caring staff at Blackfalds Dental Centre . When you come to our Blackfalds dental clinic, we will take the following steps when administering a filling and helping to quickly reduce and remove your discomfort caused by the cavity.

At your appointment we will do the following when administering a filling:

  • Reduce discomfort pre-emptively with a local anesthetic

  • Remove the decay from your tooth

  • Place a white tooth filling in layers where the decay was removed

  • Shape the filling so it blends in and properly fits your bite

  • Shine a specialized LED light to harden and bind the filling

Strong, secure dental fillings

Patients often prefer a white tooth filling because it blends so well with their teeth – no one notices these fillings when you smile!

As dentists, we like this method of cavity filling too, because the material is strong enough to withstand chewing and the fillings can hold up for many years, even when placed in molars. The hardening process also binds the filling, securing it properly in place.

At our Blackfalds dental clinic, Blackfalds Dental Centre offers various options for your fillings and dental care:

As well as white fillings, we also offer white porcelain / gold alloy inlays and onlays for patients that need more extensive tooth restoration.

If you are anxious about the prospect of getting fillings placed, or require several fillings at once, you may want to consider sedation dentistry to put you further at ease during your appointment.