Every year, 10 million people have their wisdom teeth removed. This figure makes sense, given how problematic wisdom teeth are. Wisdom teeth may carry additional health hazards in addition to their painful arrival. However, some people avoid the operation because it has its share of drawbacks, such as an uncomfortable recovery period.

Wisdom tooth extractions in Red Deer are a common dental surgical procedure frequently advised as a preventative measure to protect your dental health and other teeth from future problems. Most patients experience a swift recovery and can return to their normal routines in a few days. 

In this piece, we have summarized everything from the process of wisdom teeth removal to recovery tips. Read along till the end. 

Explanation of Wisdom Teeth Removal

When it comes to the wisdom tooth removal procedure, your dentist will: 

  • Give an anesthetic treatment to make you feel comfortable and numb your teeth and gums.
  • They’ll also give you sedative drugs if you desire sedation.
  • Make cuts in your gums to uncover teeth encased in your gums or jawbone. 
  • Lift your wisdom teeth out of its socket by carefully loosening it. For simpler removal, they might need to cut your tooth into sections. 
  • Make sure there are no infections by cleaning the area.
  • If required, use stitches to close the surgical site.
  • To stop bleeding, cover the sockets with gauze.

How Long Will It Take to Heal From Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

The gum tissue ought to seal off the extraction site within a few days. The texture of the socket should be smooth and match the gingiva (gum tissues) around it after about two weeks. However, it can take a couple of months until the socket begins sealing beneath the gingiva. 

Recovery from wisdom tooth removal typically requires one to two weeks. However, most people may return to work, school, and other activities in three to five days. For your comfort as you heal, your dentist in Red Deer will provide you with thorough postoperative instructions. 

Tips to Speed Up Healing After Wisdom Teeth Removal

We guarantee a quick recovery if you follow these eight suggestions following your wisdom tooth extraction near you treatment:

1. Prevent Dry Socket

The two best ways to prevent dry sockets are avoiding straw use and tobacco consumption. Additionally, getting rid of smoking might also help you steer away from dry sockets. 

2. Keep Your Head Elevated For The First 3 Days

A clot formed over the removal site will aid in preventing infection. But simply keeping your head up while lying down, you can also lessen your risk. 

By minimizing swelling, this technique lowers the possibility that your blood clot may be lost. Try sleeping with numerous pillows behind your head and neck for the best comfort and healing after oral surgery.

3. Ice Your Cheeks For The First 36 Hours

While the patient is unconscious, dentists perform wisdom tooth extraction procedures. However, after the anesthesia wears off, you will experience discomfort. Even though everyone feels pain differently, the majority of people look for strategies to mitigate it. 

So make ice your best friend after recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction procedure. When you can, bring ice with you as you recover. It reduces swelling and bruising in addition to relieving pain.

4. Rinse With Lukewarm Salt Water

Washing your mouth with salt water helps prevent infection by removing food particles and bacteria from the open sores. Saltwater rinses can help you breathe better, lessen pain after wisdom tooth removal, and keep your surgery areas clean. 

5. Massage Your Jaw

The masseter muscle is one of the jaw muscles that helps with chewing. This muscle is vulnerable to pain and discomfort. After surgery, massage this area to alleviate some of the stress your jaw might be unintentionally holding in. It might help you heal more rapidly. 

6. Drink Coconut Water

The cold will lessen the blood flow into the mouth. Regarding the coconut component, its juice can make you feel full while hydrating you fully and providing you with electrolytes to speed up your recovery. 

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Even though wisdom tooth extraction is straightforward, you still need extra precautions to lengthen the healing period. We hope this post has given you enough details about wisdom tooth removal. If you require assistance with dental issues, contact our professional dentists or visit Blackfalds Dental Centre for a consultation at your convenience.