Let us first understand what dental fillings are before discussing the benefits that come with them.

Dental fillings are an effective way to restore teeth that are damaged due to decay. Your dentist near you will remove the decayed portion and clean the area before filling in the empty space with the filling material. They are also considered to repair cracked, broken and worn-down teeth. It helps to prevent further decay and damage and aids in maintaining good oral health. There are different types of dental fillings available consult with your dentist to determine which type of fillings to consider for your teeth restoration treatment.

Why Get Dental Fillings?

There are various factors you might need for dental fillings. It aids in restoring your overall dental hygiene and prevents the emergence of serious dental health issues. Consider dental fillings under the following conditions:

1. Dental cavities

Dental fillings are necessary for cavities of all shapes and sizes to prevent further harm to adjacent teeth. Your damaged teeth will be examined by our dentist in Red Deer, to determine whether drilling and subsequent dental fillings are necessary.

2. Small holes in the teeth

Dental fillings can be used to repair small holes that exist in one or more teeth. They don’t always show signs of cavities, but they still need to be filled in to prevent pain and the accumulation of bacteria and food particles that can lead to tooth decay.

3. Fractured teeth

You can fracture teeth for a variety of causes, including engaging in sports activities, experiencing an injury, or an accident. In such cases, composite dental fillings are used to fix fractured teeth.

4. Discolored teeth

Your dentist may recommend dental fillings if you have stained or discolored teeth due to consuming foods and beverages like wine, coffee, soda, candy, and other acidic foods. Applying dental fillings on stains can help your teeth appear better by restoring their aesthetic quality.

5. Improving tooth structure

Teeth that are damaged can affect the structure of your teeth. If enough of the tooth’s structural stability has been damaged, applying dental fillings can create support, enhance the tooth’s appearance, and restore its functional capabilities.

Benefits Of Dental Fillings

Check out these advantages of dental fillings:

1. Quick treatment

It takes a short amount of time to complete this process depending on the type of dental fillings you select. Since treating one or two cavities takes less than an hour, tooth-coloured fillings are quick and painless. Your dentist will first numb the area before starting the procedure to repair your damaged teeth.

2. Aesthetically appealing

The appearance of tooth-coloured dental fillings is more natural-looking since they blend in with the surrounding teeth. You can smile and speak in public with confidence by fixing your dental cavities.

3. Long-lasting

Tooth-colored fillings can endure for 10 years or longer if you take good care of your overall dental health and fillings. Regular tooth brushing and flossing, professional dental cleanings, and refraining from biting on hard items like ice can all prolong the life of your dental fillings.

4. Leaves more healthy tooth structure intact

In tooth-colored fillings, the composite resin is used to aid the filling bond to the teeth. In order to repair your cavity and keep more of your natural teeth, it does not necessitate extensive tooth removal.

5. Mercury-free

Silver amalgam dental fillings contain mercury, which is toxic and harmful to your overall health. Even though there is a minimal amount of mercury in these fillings, you can still consider getting mercury-free dental fillings to restore your teeth.


Cavities can be filled with different materials, including tooth-colored, composite, and amalgam fillings. Composite and tooth-colored fillings are commonly used to fix cavities as they make your teeth look more natural. You can consult with our experts if you are looking for tooth fillings near you. We can help you determine which type of dental fillings to consider to get significant results.

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