You’ve just had a dental filling? That’s great news! But now you might think, “What foods are safe for me to eat? How should I chew?” No need to fret; we’ve got you covered with straightforward tips to keep your filling in great condition.

1. Take it Easy

Your tooth might feel a bit sensitive after a tooth filling near you. It’s like giving your tooth a little hug, so it needs time to adjust. Start by eating soft foods like mashed potatoes, yogurt, or soup. These foods are gentle on your teeth and won’t put too much pressure on your filling.

2. Chew on the Other Side

If your filling is on one side of your mouth, try chewing on the other side. It gives your filled tooth a break and helps prevent putting too much pressure on it. It’s like giving your filling a chance to settle in without any extra stress.

3. Avoid Sticky and Hard Foods

Sticky candies, chewy caramel, and hard nuts might seem tempting, but they can be tough on your filling. They could even pull it out. So, it’s best to steer clear of these treats for a little while. Instead, opt for softer snacks like sliced fruit, cheese, or crackers.

4. Cut Your Food into Smaller Pieces

During your teeth filling consultation, your oral surgeon will affirm that big bites can be a big no-no after a filling. Cutting your food into smaller pieces makes it easier to chew without putting too much strain on your filled tooth. Plus, it’s a good habit to have even after your tooth feels back to normal.

5. Take Your Time

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to chewing after a filling. Rushing through your meal can lead to accidentally biting down too hard, which could damage your filling. So, take your time, chew carefully, and enjoy your food.

6. Rinse with Water

Swish some water around your mouth to help clean out any food particles. It is super important to keep your teeth and fillings clean and healthy. Plus, it’s a simple way to freshen up your mouth.

7. Don’t Forget to Brush

Brushing your teeth is always important, but it’s especially crucial after getting a filling. Make sure to brush gently around the filled tooth to keep it clean and free from any leftover food. And remember to floss too.

8. Listen to Your Dentist

Your dentist near you knows best, so if they give you specific instructions or advice after your filling, make sure to follow them. They might have some extra tips or precautions based on your individual needs.

9. Stay Positive

Having a filling might feel a bit strange at first, but it’s nothing to worry about. Remember that your tooth is healing and getting stronger every day. Stay positive, take good care of your teeth, and soon enough, everything will feel back to normal.

10. Keep Smiling

Last but not least, don’t forget to smile. A filling is just a small bump in the road to a healthy, happy smile. So, keep showing off those pearly whites, and remember to take good care of them.

Final Words

Getting a filling might seem like a big deal, but with these simple chewing tips, you’ll be back to munching on your favourite snacks in no time. Just remember to take it easy, chew carefully, and listen to the advice from your dentist in Red Deer. Your smile will thank you for it.

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